Design & Illustration

Some of my latest projects of interest.

Fort Stanwix National Monument

FOST Anniversay/National Park Centennial Calendar

Fort Stanwix came to me to design and produce a calendar to help celebrate both their 40th Anniversary and the National Park Service's Centennial. From their collection of photos I selected a major and at least one minor image for each month. The calendar also includes FOST’s and National Park activities and celebrations.

Private Individual

Wedding Invite Tea Towel

Sydney Hawes had seen the illustration work I did for A is For.... She felt strongly that I would be a good person to fulfull her idea of having a vintage style illustration for her wedding invite tea towel concept.

Working from her ideas and references (most pertaining to the couple’s life, history, and interests) we worked through a few iterations of the design to come up with a unique wedding invite idea that she was very pleased with.

Infinity Productions

Concert Posters

Infinity Productions is a small concert series being produced in New Bedford, MA at the Wamsutta Club.

My goal with the posters is the show off the entertainers at their best and to create engaging visuals that will stand out on wall of posters. Since the series is primarily folk, blues, and singer/songwriter musical acts, the posters' designs use fonts and visuals that reflect that.

You can see larger versions of the posters at my BeHance portfolio.

Double Headed Squid

A is For... A Healing & Nurturing ABC Book to Color

An ABC coloring book with beautiful illustrations. Each letter has drawings of animals, plants, and insects playfully interacting and exploring their world. The creatures depicted (with a few fanciful exceptions) are ones that would exist together in nature and it is possible they could meet, though perhaps not in such amusing ways. This coloring book was developed to help those who need to heal from childhood trauma. But it is also just a very fun and safe coloring book for all ages to enjoy. Each page is filled with love and joy.

A is for... is available on Amazon!

Crowell’s Fine Art & Framing

Logo & Branding

Crowell’s has been in business since the 1800s in New Bedford, Massachusetts. In updating the logo and branding in 2015, my aim was to keep as much of that history as possible, while creating a logo that would work well on both print materials and on the web. Since the 70s, Crowell’s has used an historic painting of a gentlemen in their signage. The client and I decided to base the new branding on this painting as well. We chose an illustration style that brought out the important elements in the painting but kept it simple so that it could be recognized at any size. We researched wallpapers from the era of the painting and then I simplified the pattern and brought the colors into the branding scheme to create a new, more dynamic background for the gentleman.

I also spent time researching the font that has been used by Crowell’s since its inception. I found that it was the American classic Ronaldson Old Style, a MacKellar, Smith & Jordan metal face dating back to 1884. We were in very good luck that Canada Type had recently digitized the font so that is was available for us to use as a webfont and for print work.

New Bedford Whaling Museum

Xico’s Journey

Xico’s Journey is an on-line, interactive experience developed with a team at the New Bedford Whaling Museum. The team came to us wanting to develop an interactive story based on the book Xico: A Boy, A Rat, and A Whaleship by David Blanchette. They wanted something that could live on-line, to be accessed by teachers and students, be more interactive and animated than the print book and that could also be installed and used on stand-alone kiosks in the Whaling Museum and in other Museums.

We designed an overall look and feel for the page layouts and the Home page map that matched or complemented the design of the print book. We created storyboards for the animations to their scripts. Where needed, we created custom graphics for elements not found in the book. Read more on the development of this project.

New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park

YAP! Interactive PDF and Conference Materials

Initially, the NBWNHP folks came to me wanting to create an Interactive Teacher's Guide in the form of a PDF with sound and video links embedded in the PDF.

I designed an interactive PDF based on their material, with a layout and visual design that matched the source material, a CD/DVD they had developed with The Youth Ambassador Program (YAP!) called Edutainment Movement.

Subsequent to the roll-out of the PDF the Park came back to me requesting that I design materials for a conference on the Underground Railroad where the YAP! kids and Park Rangers would be presenting. I designed folder labels, flyers, and posters to be used during the presentation.