Some of my latest projects of interest.

Riverside Art

Responsive Website Development

Riverside Art, a framing and art supply store in Somerset, MA, had done a lot of work around re-branding their store. They had a a lovely new logo and store signage created for them by Liya Hoshi but their website was stuck in development. They were unhappy with the lack of guidance and the level of service being provided by their web developer. They came to us in hopes that we could be faster and more responsive to their need for a new site.

We spent time with them doing a full intake on their current business needs even though they had a site already in development so that we could be sure that when we took over and finished the site it would, in fact, be meeting their needs. We then took over the new site’s files in progress, reworked the layout and structure of the site to better fit their new branding and their business goals and had the new site up and running within 4 weeks.

Artist John Gamache

Responsive Website Development

John came prepared to design his own website, based on his own artwork. We guided him in his design choices to make it work better as a responisve site but otherwise did our best to develop his website to reflect his aesthetic and design choices. Using his own design and preparing his own images for the site helped us to keep the costs low and within range of a working artist.

New Bedford Whaling Museum

Xico’s Journey

Xico’s Journey is an on-line, interactive experience developed with a team at the New Bedford Whaling Museum. The team came to us wanting to develop an interactive story based on the book Xico: A Boy, A Rat, and A Whaleship by David Blanchette. They wanted something that could live on-line, to be accessed by teachers and students, be more interactive and animated than the print book and that could also be installed and used on stand-alone kiosks in the Whaling Museum as well be installed in other museum exhibits.

Initially the team came to us wanting an interactive PDF like the one I designed for the NBWNHP. But we counciled that PDFs were limited in their use as they did not work well on touch-screens (tablets and kiosks were major platforms targets). Instead we offered to develop a website with some interactivity and animations that could be accessed across a range of devices. If needed, such a website could also be packaged on a flash drive to be used if there was no internet access (as in a school). We used graphic software to create storyboards to their scripts. To build the actual website we used a mix of Adobe’s Edge Animate for the animated elements and our own code to wrap the site with identity and Whaling Museum branding.